Kamael Sigil

Archangel of the Sephirah Gevurah

Can assist with legal matters and bring justice if you are honest. Karma will come fast from this archangel and can show you how to make up for bad karma.
Appears as a warrior wearing a red shirt under green armor with an iron helmet on his head. He has large green wings and holds the scale of justice.
Warning: While incarcerated for five years in a maximum security Comstock, NY prison for a non-violent felony, I decided to draw Kamael's Sigil on a white undershirt to wear under my clothing to help write an appeal to the Appellate Division in Brooklyn; I won my appeal a year later which reduced three years off my sentence. However I was also recording the dates, times, and officers names who I witnessed abuse other prisoners in a notebook that I kept inside my cell. The very first day I wore this sigil under my clothing, there was a shakedown of my cell and the guards found my journal, they gave me the worst beating of my life and left me bloody on the ground with no disciplinary ticket and no medical attention. So be very careful when evoking this archangel, because most people have some type of karma that they need to correct, even if it is ancestral karma, or karma from one of your past lives.